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  Specialising in Ecommerce design, we offer both professional site design services and addons that that will make your company or product stand out from the competition. To find out more about our design services, please click here or to view our ECT modules and addons click here - save up to 25% on your order!
Modules updated up to ECT 6.0.1
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Multiple Product Image Mod
Multiple Product Image Mod
Allows users to view more than one image or view of your product. Very useful indeed!
Image Upload & Auto Resize with Zoom (PHP)
Image Upload & Auto Resize with Zoom (PHP)
Upload and auto-resize your product images at the click of a button. The mod will also create a pop-up zoom image too
Navigation Enhancement Mod
Navigation Enhancement Mod
Create a neat side navigation menu showing categories and their sub-categories when clicked
ASP Article Generator
ASP Article Generator
Add new articles and content to your site with ease - all run from the admin back end
Admin Order & Printable Invoice Image Mod
Admin Order & Printable Invoice Image Mod
Displays a small picture of the Item purchased in the Admin Orders Area and on the Printable Invoice.
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